May 31, 2012

If there were a bootcamp for iPad...

With the future release of Windows 8 sometime later this year,
we really wont know the full extent of what the OS will be capable of,
except that the Start Button will be gone.

The direction Microsoft is taking with the new OS is very clear,
they are trying to create and OS that has duality.
Meaning that it can be used as a complete touch interface,
or one that is a peripheral driven.

We already know that there will be Windows 8 Tablets,
but what we dont know is what Apple is going to do.
Since they have already enticed the Windows World
to come and play in the Apple World with Bootcamp.

I would imagine that the ability to run Windows on Apple hardware,
has made for a greater increase of Apple hardware sales.
Which is why I think that it would be interesting if they started
offering a version of bootcamp to do that with the iPad.

Because after all, Windows 8 is a Tablet OS

But then again, there are those that would say its Phone OS

May 25, 2012

Dont judge a presentation by its title

SYN101: Optimal storage design and best practices to achieve agile VDI

Presented by Alex Danilychev on 11 May 2012


Traditional VDI architectures favor server hosts in a blade form factor to achieve high user density. These designs gravitate towards shared storage where cost of ownership and short- and long-term scalability are largely bound to storage design.


Too often is the case in which one attends a conference looking to get the most out the available presentations, and it is inevitable that there is going to be conflict and one has to make a choice between one and other.

We often do this by looking at the title, description, and presenter to make our final choice. In the case of “SYN101: Optimal storage design and best practices to achieve agile VDI”, one could have been misled by the use of the acronym VDI and assumed it was about desktop virtualization. This was further used in the slide deck presented, “Storage Design for Agile VDI”.

But nothing was further from the truth, as this presentation was about a much broader topic, and while yes VDI was used as an example in the presentation, the overall topics covered were of greater scope and importance to design criteria and business needs, that were backed up with very thorough technical analysis and understanding of what is needed for true business planning.
The title of this presentation is most likely the result of the Citrix Marketing machine not looking at the broader picture and clinging to the term VDI.

Dont let Alex's title fool you, its almost an insult to label him as a sales engineer.
No offense to sales engineer's, it's just that Alex is on another plane of thinking.

If you looking to see what it takes to design a true building block architecture that is high performance, scalable, and cost effective, then you should watch this presentation. The principals in which Alex talk about are applicable to not just infrastructure design, but also software design, and a great many other aspects of today’s IT world in which we live and work in.